in the beginning…

this site, like its author, is in a state of constant change. for now, it’s brand new, fresh from the womb of imagination. if you find anything here worth reading, please be sure to follow up. things will likely get interesting as the plot develops. much love.



3 thoughts on “in the beginning…

  1. yo bro …
    i was finnaly able to open it … wish you all the best with this project …
    it can only be as imense as you are !! infinity !!

    love you in here and now


  2. Uhm, that Ram Dass guy is more sprung than the Good Doctor Bronner. Watch out for that patchouli though. Get on some Robert Anton Wilson! Or this freaky Lazar House Notebooks (Don Akenson) that someone gave me to fuck with my psychopompdom. And if I recall, Margaret Atwood & Thomas Pynchon write with a bit of the old ethereal ink.


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