keep_coinsthe thai consulate in washington, dc is right down the street from the posh center of georgetown. here, you’ll find all the latest trends. the boutique shoe store, the art gallery, gourmet food markets, and all the designer fashion you need. it’s a busy center in a busy city, cars and people moving by. i had a few hours to kill while waiting for my visa, so i strolled the streets, popping into a shop or two to catch up on what’s cool here. honestly, i feel out of touch because i’m finding all the same things in the shops that i saw 10 years ago. is this how it always is?

a red light stopped my flow right in the heart of georgetown, wisconsin avenue and m street. looking around to take in the scene, all the pretty people, the range rovers and benzes rolling by, my eyes meet a person out of place. sitting on a stoop right at the intersection was a man with a cup. no words, no hassle, just sitting. ‘this is a pretty fancy neighborhood, man. do the people take care of you around here?’ his response, perfectly tuned to enter my ears: ‘man, it don’t really depend on external conditions. your inner perspective is all that matters.’ with that, i reached in my pocket, drew out what cash i had, and left it with this brother in need. of what value is the paper when compared with such a poignant piece of wisdom received?


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