It’s all been done before

TelepathyHe hadn’t even entered my mind in 9 months, but for some reason Mustafa’s image kept coming through that day. The last time we met was a playful romp through his hometown, London, 2 years earlier. Now, again, his image keeps flashing in my mind as I walk the busy streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Not really sure why, I decided to reach out over email. Turns out, he was in the states, and flying back to the UK in two days… the same day I was flying back to the USA. His plane landed in JFK 40 minutes after mine. I was headed to Delaware on the trains, and he had 2 hours until his next flight. When we finally met, I noticed we were standing under a giant banner that read ‘It’s never been done before.’ Whoa! What are the chances of that? We both arrive from different points on the map at a common point 2 days after his image caused me to write?

I write about these things because I simply don’t believe they are coincidence. It’s too random and precise to be chance. There is no culturally-accepted model for the logical left-brain to reference.  Of course I still try to explain it out of habit, to eliminate variables a la scientific method. But, the only logical course leads to acceptance of dubious conclusions rife with misunderstanding.  While earning a degree in Neuroscience, we studied many forms of communication, all of which use the 5 senses and direct contact or modern technologies (telephone, video, internet) to convey the signal artificially. The ideas of telepathy and non-local communication was always treated as suspect, impossible, and dismissed as childish despite my best efforts to discuss it in classes. The thing is I’ve had random occurrences like this my whole life. You probably have as well. They come without warning, and find you if you’re paying attention. In fact, the more I practice yoga, fasting, reiki, and respect these incoming signals, the more they happen. It’s not magic. It’s not wild imagination. I have not forgotten the skeptical scientific background of my past as I wander through my open-minded present. There simply must be realms that warrant further exploration before we cast them aside as false.

In fact, the internet is a new consciousness, a technological reflection of an organic system we have yet to master. The internet allows us to contact people at any point on the globe almost instantly without any physical line connecting us. Using invisible radio signals, passing through data hubs and countless connections, the message gets there quick without our need to understand how. Everyone accepts this as logical, a marvel of the modern world. It is! I can talk on my iphone sharing video with my friend in Asia and seeing him face to face as I walk down the street. Amazing! But I’m still curious about that other thing, that organic system we never learned to use. It’s there. It really is. But the people who use it generally don’t know how to navigate it very well, and they keep their mouths shut for fear of being perceived as weird. We see these characters on TV and marvel at their skills, but we’re convinced this is somehow supernatural. This is fiction, and we need to stay in ‘the real world’.

Haven’t you ever had a similar intuitive hit? Perhaps you have them all the time, but you tune them out. You are focused on a different channel, with the volume up to loud. It’s easy to lose focus with so many distractions vying for our limited attention. Work, school, family, politics, sports, money, advertising, religion… the mind gets so full of information that there’s no space to hear the subtler guidance that’s been there all along. As always, I write to share the experience, but also to explore the process. I find myself wrapped up in these distractions as much as the next guy, but I need to experience some silence during the day to remember the peace beneath the waves. It’s from the depths of that silence that the guidance comes.


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