hey baby, what’s your sign?

zodiac tree

I was fortunate the other day to meet a guy who’s talented in all sorts of Indian arts. He was sitting next to me in a café on Ibiza, and something drew us into conversation. Turns out we’ve worked in a lot of the same fields, lived in some of the same places, and now it was time for us to meet. When I stood up, he could see the imbalance I’ve had in my back the last few months. The truth is I fell off my regular yoga practice in recent months, and it caught up with me, causing pain in my hip and a twist through my whole torso. Ganesh saw it immediately, and said ‘you need a massage’. Then he walked over to me, put his hands directly on the point of pain in the hip, said it probably also hurt here on the back, tight in this shoulder… he saw it all with x-ray precision, then offered me a massage. Um, yeah, you’re the right guy for the massage I’ve been needing.

A couple days later, I got a lovely massage that worked out some of the kinks, but the real gift he shared was a Vedic Astrology reading during the massage.  I’ve been to India, and have to admit I’m a bit of a junkie for all things esoteric, but for some strange reason this was my first Vedic reading. For two solid hours, he broke it down, telling me all about patterns in my life that were so accurate it gave me shivers. Honestly, I had the same experience with a Human Design reading a couple years ago in Brazil. And I felt some clarity as I uncovered all my numbers in Numerology. And there’s that Mayan System I looked at. Oh, and Chinese astrology. And of course I’ve known my Western Astrology chart for years. Whew, it’s enough to make the head spin. There are common threads that wind through each reading, finding their way into me, but none of them hit the nail the way I really wanted.

Of course these systems are symbolic in their attempt to explain the unknown. I take it all with a grain of salt. But I try to stay open to accept the truth of each sign I receive on this journey through life. The stranger you meet that grows into a best friend, the inspiring film you happened to catch, the red light that stopped you right before a big accident up ahead. There are useful signs coming in all the time, and I try to keep that third eye open to see them. This habit has produced so many wonderful surprises in life that I simply must trust it, even if my left brain can’t explain it. Ok, all that said, back to the reading.

Turns out I’m a Sagittarius, a warrior, a fire sign in the Vedic System. This is very empowering when compared to the effeminate, sensitive Virgo I’ve always called myself. That is not to deny Virgo altogether. I actually love my sensitivity, my nurturing side, my aesthetic attention to detail… but these qualities don’t always help when I need to fight my way through an obstacle. I also love that I’m a 36/9 with a gift for expression, vision, and philanthropy from numerology. I love the mystical secrecy of the Dragon from the Chinese system. And the intuition that comes from being a Projector in Human Design is a treasure. But across all this sea of mixing metaphors, there is a lack of real ass-kickin’ warrior power. Sagittarius aims his bow at a target with clear vision, then shoots with confidence. He stands with all the strength and speed of the horse from the waist down. Right now, I can use some of that power… maybe that’s why it came to me.

It occurred to me later that all these images are symbolic, perhaps coming at different times of growth when we are moving into a new phase. They each represent part of me, but not all of me. I have a variety of clothes to wear, a wide range of roles I fill in life. Why not have different esoteric identities as well? Why not choose the ones that empower me, and just cut away those that get in the way? In the end, we always have a choice what we believe, and those beliefs have a powerful effect on our thoughts and actions. The stronger the belief, the more it will drive your mental habits and behavior. Simply put, the more you believe it, the more ‘real’ it gets…in ALL things. The great thing is that beliefs are flexible. They can be edited no matter how deeply programmed. Even the strongest indoctrination can be repaired. When you can take a step back and look at ‘me’ objectively, it’s easy to spot the beliefs that serve and those that hinder. Luckily, I am blessed with people in my life that point them out, and work in the art of re-programming.

Vedic astrology is highly revered in India, a land known for its continued link with ancient practices. It is consulted before starting a business, buying a house, choosing a wife by almost everyone. It’s used as outside verification, confidence to move through big decisions. And the thing is it works! It’s real so people believe! That’s the answer you’ll get from a believer, and that’s fine. Ultimately it doesn’t matter which way you see it. I personally don’t see much objective ‘reality’ in the world…too much evidence to the contrary. To me, the belief makes it real. It plants the idea deeply, and the reality of it unfolds through thoughts, behaviors, stories, decisions. I’ve been in love with Indian philosophy for years. Ayurveda, Yoga, Vedanta, Tantra… the literature paints such a rich, vibrant view of a world full of love, full of God, full of light.  And the practices are the paths to realize the truth of the system first-hand, the only way possible. I have walked a few of those paths, opening countless doors in my life. If their system calls me the warrior, I am most happy to add it to my repertoire with gratitude.

So my point, as usual, is to empower anyone out there by sharing my own journey as it is empowered. If you’ve got an astrological misfit, find a new interpretation or look elsewhere. There’s no reason to keep wearing a face you don’t like. I know too many people that use their signs as excuses in life when the truth is you can focus on other areas or switch altogether. It may be time to update the wardrobe.


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