Are there any studies on that?


There is a certain type of mind that won’t believe things unless there is ‘research’, won’t try things unless others have gone before and found it safe. The current model of ‘research’ in the western medical world is expensive, and predictably biased. Of course there is value for producing a new pharmaceutical drug, testing effectiveness and safety, profit projections. But, who is going to study food’s effect on wellness, for example, when there is no profit to be made in patenting the findings? With this type of profit-driven thinking, we get hospitals full of expensive tech treatments that do nothing to address cause, and we see stressed out doctors and patients in the cafeteria, drinking Coke, eating low-cost, processed food. I’ve seen this repeatedly in the USA’s most highly esteemed hospitals, and it breaks my heart. I’ve seen so much suffering by those who think they’re doing the right thing by going to these hospitals, never even considering that there might be a better way to correct their health. And I’ve seen so many others disenchanted, reclaiming their power and stepping away from hospitals, then finding their health in the ‘alternative’ realm. There is so much anecdotal evidence out there that will likely never have the kinds of studies that these westerners claim as valid evidence. But if you start exploring the more traditional and holistic medicine world, you will quickly meet others who have overcome every condition imaginable through affordable, intuitive means that address cause. Just look up Rick Simpson oil, Linus Pauling, Otto Warburg, the Gerson Institute, or holistic centers all over planet Earth to get you started.

The fact is objectivity is impossible. And placebo effect is inevitable. Is it not clear that a cure can heal to the extent we trust that cure and it’s source? Could health not be something deeper than just our physical processes, involving our belief systems, emotional terrain, and self-image? My experience tells me this is so, though my questioning of western-trained minds often leads me to dead ends. It seems to me there is a battle on between intellect and intuition, right and left brain, culture and nature. Either one is limited, yet both have something valuable to offer. As always, I find myself on the bridge between these worlds, advocating for constructive solutions.

There are already preventive measures that promote healing for every condition out there. But the question is are you willing to take the steps to procure them? To challenge your beliefs, eschew what you might call tradition, and try new things to see if they work? To question the answers you’ve been given, the authority you’ve given to institutions? To courageously endure the discomfort, and act in the face of resistance? To be cause and take the first step?

Science, to me, means observation. If you observe a phenomenon, it is real. Simple. The modern view of science is that it must be repeatable. Can you re-create all the conditions that led to a reversal in symptoms by simply giving a pill or procedure? Can you re-create the full story of the patient?

Surgeries and pills are great for acute problems. If I am hit by a bus, I will be thankful for a western surgeon and all the advances that system provides. If, however, I develop diabetes or depression or any other number of chronic conditions, they simply don’t offer much, while other routes can offer help.

Step out of the box. There are techniques, people, and experiences that can heal you in ways you didn’t know you were broken. Expect resistance from others in your world. They probably mean well, but accepting guidance from others’ limited experience is sure to limit your curiosity, your adventure, your results. No doctor, friend, priest or family member can ever know your whole story. Perhaps your path is for you alone to discover. In my experience, there are miracles and magic everywhere, but we only learn to see them when we’ve risked stepping out, removed the heavy blinders of the culture that raised us. What you truly need could be out there in the place your inner voice is asking you to go… If you don’t go, you won’t know.


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