get involved

There are plenty of ways YOU can contribute to this project:

1. Unplug.

  • Switch off your computer now, and go out into your world. Immerse yourself in some activity that brings joy. Go surprise your neighbor with a gift, play with your kids. Go forgive that person that hurt you, freeing yourself of that burden. Seriously, this is probably the most important way you can help this thing grow.

2. Still here?

  • Read through the blog. Find something that inspires you, upsets you, or teaches you see the world in a new way. Comment on it, follow up on it, examine how it applies in your own life.
  • Go to the forum. Read through the words of the community. Share some ideas.

3. Still here?

  • If you find value in this project, please consider a donation. This place only works through contributions from people like you.


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